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Which bowler troubled Adam Gilchrist
During his prime, Adam Gilchrist was one of the most-feared, if not the most-feared cricketer in World Cricket. His explosive batting nature not only made him an asset to Australian cricket but also ensured that opposition skippers had little or no choice but to draw up elaborate plans to get him out.However, like almost everybody, Gilchrist too had his vices. And one of the biggest vice was that of facing Sri Lankan stalwart Muttiah Muralitharan. Speaking about the same, the southpaw added that Murali almost brought everything to a point of embarrasment for him. He also added that he simply had no idea and could not pick him either ways.

“The bowler I feared most was not a physical intimidation,” the former Australianwicketkeeper and new Fox Sports commentator said on Fox Footy’s Bob on Tuesday. “It was more psychologically and almost to the point of embarrassment – it was Murali.”

He added: “I couldn’t pick him. He turns the ball that far both ways and I could not pick him.”